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Happy Monday, I have the day off from work due to Dr. King’s birthday. So I’m at home relaxing until I have to go to the gym later. I’ve had a few request to post about my workout routine, so I’ll try to get that together real soon! Today’s look is from the weekend. I was supposed to catch the movie ‘Selma’ with my mom but she cancelled on me LOL whomp whomp! She did help take these photographs of me though (it was the least she could do ‘wink wink’) . These are a pair of boyfriend shorts that I picked up on sale at Gap, however they ran big so I had the waist taken in. I’m thinking about distressing them a bit more as well. I have to take in a lot of my clothes because certain designers run pretty large even when the tag size reads 0, which is pretty irritating but I’m sure my tailor doesn’t mind at all! I really love boyfriend shorts with button down shirts of any kind such as the inspo ones I posted from Pinterest in gingham, plain white and stripes. I also love to rock them with graphic or plain white tees with a shirt tied at the waist. It really depends on my mood. Finally, although I rock them with sneakers, I do prefer them with heels. How do you like to rock your denim shorts? Share your thoughts in the comments section and I’ll see you next time! Kisses! Besos! Bisous!

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Outfit Details:

Hairstyle – Natural Trendsetters

Boyfriend shirt – Forever 21/ Similar

Fringe Bag – Target/ Deux Lux (Bargain) / Michael Kors (Splurge)

Distressed Boyfriend Shorts – Gap/ Revolve (Bargain) / Rag and Bone (Splurge)

Pearl Stack -Forever 21/ Similar

Heels – Kohls / Similar

Sunglasses – COACH

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Royal Coils Natural Hair & Beauty Expo Coverage

Warning: This post is pic and text heavy 🙂

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This past Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the 12th Annual Royal Coils Natural Hair & Beauty Expo with Teen Blogger Ciara of Blissfoul!  This annual event is a collaborative effort between Natural Trendsetters Salon & Dezign Nation, in partnership with Ankara Miami, Bijoux Hair, Taliah Waajid , Alikay Naturals and host of other great sponsors! Prior to the expo, I had the pleasure of sitting with my talented hair stylist Simone Hylton half of the dynamic sister team consisting of Simone & Yanique Hylton. They are the owners of Natural Trendsetters in Tamarac, Fl.  Here’s what she had to say:


NTSStaff2 Simone Hylton (Center) Yanique Hylton (Far Right)

Interview with Simone Hylton of Natural Trendsetters
Conducted by Dressed2dNines.com & Blissfoul.Blogspot.Com

Dressed2dNines.com: How did the idea Natural Hair Expo first come about? This is the 12th year correct?

Simone Hylton : Yes, but the expo part of the event started about 4 yrs. ago.

Dressed2dNines.com: Oh wow, I didn’t know that! So what was the original event and how did you get the idea to turn it into an expo?

Simone Hylton: I’ve attended a lot of expos around the country so I initially felt there was a great need in S. FL for women and men to find out what’s going in natural hair industry. The idea started off as a fashion show for women to see natural hair being highlighted and showcased with a variety of looks. But as I continued to attend all of these expos, I began to see that the need to not only provide those looks but include workshops, panel discussions and vendors all under one roof. Even though it’s hard to produce an event of this magnitude and sell it, it’s something that is needed in our community as a whole.

Dressed2dNines.com: What do you see for the future of this expo?

Simone Hylton: I would love to take it on the road nationally and to the Caribbean. We all need to experience that type of vibe in the Caribbean. For example, in the Caribbean they encourage us to be natural but not so much towards being glamourous and having a variety of ways to wear your tresses and be fly with it. So I want to bring that to them. Our youth seeing positive images of natural beauty is important because the media doesn’t provide that to us and for us.

Dressed2dNines.com: What do you want attendees to take away from this event?

Simone Hylton: I would love everyone to learn a little more about themselves, such as improving their self-esteem, hair care, how to eat healthy, be physically fit, and taking care of themselves. Learning a bit more than you walked in knowing, as well as have a good time and partake in the artistic expressions. So I hope they get the visual of what is being portrayed.

Dressed2dNines.com: What are some staple products that you think every natural diva should have in their arsenal of hair care?

Simone Hylton: For every natural girl who isn’t loc’d sometimes we worry about what to put IN our hair but we also need to know how to DO our hair, so for me it’s not so much about products it’s more about things like having a wide tooth comb, a blend of oils such as olive, castor and coconut oil, and a good detangler. Notice I didn’t mention any natural hair curling products.
Dressed2dNines.com: Do you already have the date selected for next year’s Hair Expo?

Simone Hylton: Yes it’s going to be about the same weekend, the second Sunday in December.
Blissfoul: Do you have any advice for anyone especially young girls coming up behind you who are uncomfortable with their natural hair and rocking it?

Simone Hylton: Beauty is confidence, if you aren’t confident in what God gave you naturally then you cannot be your natural self. I’m not saying you have to wear it out every day, but you have to be comfortable in yourself, in order for you to be comfortable with the hair you have in all its glory. It’s a self-esteem issue. Work on how you feel about yourself on the inside, and then the outside confidence will come!

Blissfoul: What are some ways for us as women (young and old) to let our confidence show through our natural hair?

Simone Hylton: You have to maintain it properly and groom it properly to make it look beautiful. You have to embrace it. Whether you are doing your own hair or someone is doing it for you. That’s the whole theme of the hair show “Hair story.” It’s to let people understand how it used to be in the past, where we are now, and where we are going in the future, which is really where we used to be. Society has instilled some images in us and we still go through that. So we have to be the instrument of change for ourselves and our future.

Blissfoul: Why Royal Coils? That hash tag is everywhere! What makes our coils so royal?

Simone Hylton: The royalty is based on our family. The way you know someone is royalty is by their crown. Your hair is your crown and glory, so if you don’t feed your coils then you are defying your heritage. Our hair is our direct lineage, our inheritance. If you don’t treat your coils royal then you can’t be the queen that you were meant to be. It’s like taking your crown and throwing it on the ground. Feel me?

It’s ShowTime!

On the day of the expo, we had the opportunity to get behind the scenes access to the models,  hairstylist and makeup artist as they prepped for the main event which this year centered around the theme of “Hair Story -The Past, Present & Future of Natural Hair.” It was a huge event with many moving parts and we had a blast networking with other bloggers, photographers and small business people.  This particular post is written from both our points of view! Hope you enjoy!

IMG_0004 Myself & Teen Blogger Ciara of Blissfoul

First Stop: Vendor Row!

Dressed2dnines: I always look forward to the vendors every year because they typically feature wares and products that are either one of a kind or simply hard to get. You guys know that I am a graphic tee junkie so my first stop was at the SoulSeedTees company table, where I promptly purchased a few Natural Hair graphic tees! How about you Blissfoul? What was your favorite vendor and what did you purchase almost immediately?

Blissfoul: My favorite vendors were the For Africa Now & the Africa Trade Makers table. I purchased a pair of personalized earrings made from cow bone from them. The money that I spent on the earrings, will go back to the people of Kenya , who hand made all the jewelry  for sale and I thought that was very cool!

Next Stop: A Peek Behind the Scenes !

Dressed2dnines: I was amazed by the amount of things happening simultaneously when we walked into the model prep room. At every turn there were models in various stages of readiness. Some were getting their hair done, others their makeup, while some had one or both already done and were getting dressed.  The hairstylist and make up artist worked their magic. Simone Hylton stood at the center of the room, giving her approval or recommending tweaks as the models were ushered to her. Everyone was super friendly, welcoming and accommodating to us as we tried our best to get some great pics, and interviews (uploading to YouTube soon!)  all while respectfully staying out of their way! It cracked me up how the models instantly gave face whenever the camera was on them. They never missed a beat huh Blissful? LOL!

Blissfoul: Yes! At one point I was all the way on the other side of the room and turned to take a picture, no matter where they were, they seemed to sense the camera and instantly gave that model face! I loved the mood and vibe of the backstage area! Plenty of the models were taking selfies and jamming to Beyonce while preparing for the Hair Play. They all were really nice and open to answering questions and participate in our videos.

Next Up: Workshops & Live Hair Demonstrations!

Dressed2dnines: I’m all thumbs when it comes to doing my own hair, so I so appreciate Simone and the fact that her salon focuses on Natural Hair health from the inside out! It’s not only about making your hair look good, but it’s also about keeping your hair healthy in the process. This mantra was evident throughout the expo via the workshops and live hair demonstrations.

Blissfoul: For me, I’m still trying to find the confidence to rock my natural hair and figure out what products works best for it. So, the Natural Hair Expo helped me to view an array of products and hairstyles at once while also getting advice from the experts on my hair needs!

Final Stop: Hair Story : A Journey Through Natural Hair – Past, Present & Future!

Dressed2dnines: Simone & Yanique Hylton Owners of Natural Trendsetters in collaboration with AGuy of Dezign Nation outdid themselves! I was very impressed with the artisic expression of something that started out as a simple idea. I remember being in Simone’s chair when she was simply just contemplating ideas on what the 2014 theme would be and to see it come alive on stage was amazing!

Blissfoul: I love how the play took us through the journey of natural hair from Africa, to the Roaring 20s and beyond! I also loved how the audience interacted with each of the years, for example, the play encouraged audience participation. In addition, in between the scenes were insertions of spoken word. Each poets words spoke of problems that the Black community faces today and compared it to some of the backlash we got back then for our hair and culture.

We’d like to thank Simone & Yanique Hylton for granting us media access to this great event! We look forward to next year!

Disclaimer: We did not receive compensation for any of the content in this post. All ideas are our own. All images and content are the property of www.dressed2dnines.com & www.blissfoul.blogspot.com with exception of the NTS logo and staff photo depicting Simone & Yanique Hylton.

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I am so happy that you have taken a moment out of your day to stop by and visit my blog. Being an Elementary School Teacher  I am currently on summer vacation whoo hoo! BUT, while I’ve had an awesome summer, I’ve also spent it working pretty hard on a never ending to-do list. I bet you guys have one as well! One of the list items that I was able to check off was to reorganize my walk in closet. What was something you checked off on your summer to-do list?

You would think, that I would have started this blog at the beginning of my summer break but to tell you the truth, I’ve been nervous about doing this! Finally, I’ve decided to go ahead and just get it done. So here I am world wide web!  I am an avid follower of many wonderful bloggers, and am always on Pinterest & Instagram. I spend hours looking at clothing, shoes and accessories as well as stalking my next natural hairstyle (Shout out to Simone @ Natural Trendsetters!). Family, friends and even strangers are always complimenting me about my overall style and asking where I purchased something, or inquiring about my latest hair do…that’s what led me to writing this blog. It’s one place where I can not only jot down my thoughts but also have some of that same information readily available for anyone to browse through.  I hope to be able to interact through this blog with other people who share my interest in fashion, travel, natural hair and just enjoying life. So please don’t be shy, I want to hear and learn from you! BTW, I’m still maneuvering through this SINGLE life..I made a promise to myself to get out there more and I have to say that I’ve been doing pretty well.  For those of you who have been single for awhile or are even returning to the Single Life how’s it been for you? What kind of things do you do for fun? Until next time guys….

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